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My favorite track from Steven Soderbergh’s astounding tv creation The Knick. Excuse me, It’s not TV it’s Cinemax.



The role that Mondo has played in the recent resurgence of interest in movie posters and other film-related bits of graphic design can’t possibly be overstated. Originally an offshoot of Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League’s t-shirt line, Mondo’s distinct aesthetic and unflinching commitment to limited runs helped the brand to quickly assume a fetishistic status among collectors and casual cinephiles alike, the posters now routinely re-sold at exorbitant prices on ebay despite the increasingly prolific clip at which the company has been commissioning new work.

While not everyone loves the Mondo look – with its emphasis on illustration, ghoulish caricatures and bold colors – the diversity of their designs grows with every release. Most importantly, the interest their posters have engendered in the films they represent is impossible to quantify, these static works of art paving the way for legions of new cinephiles. In honor of Fantastic Fest, which begins this week on Drafthouse screens in Austin, Film.com presents this countdown of our 50 favorite Mondo posters.


(Source: truthandmovies)

Another decent month from Criterion. The Life of Oharu and The Devil’s Backbone are the two titles I’m most looking forward to. 

Amazing deleted footage from The Master. 

Girl Walk // All Day

The best online video of the year besides Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and the Mitt Romney 47% tape. Also one of my favorite films of the year period. 

*The entire film can be seen in chunks on youtube or vimeo. Again, highly recommended for anyone who loves dance, music, or Girl Talk.